Health and Hygiene for Woman

Health and Hygiene for Woman

Women in India, especially the ones belonging to the socially backward class had to endure a lot of health and hygiene issues because they lack the understanding of hygiene and its importance or they cannot afford to maintain healthy hygiene. Samskruthi Services Foundation works towards the importance of women health and hygiene. We have distributed sanitary pads for women in rural areas so that they don't suffer from diseases related to unhygienic practices during menstruation.
We have so far conducted various health camps for the benefit of the poor and the needy. We have managed to create awareness and implement various projects on public health and family welfare.

HIV & Health Camp

We organized a health camp in association with the Samskruthi Services Foundation recently. The health camp was for HIV, Diabetes, Eyes Checkup and other wounds. We conduct health Camps frequently to support the underprivileged. Most of them don't understand the seriousness of the health ailment they are having and in such cases, we force them to visit Government Hospital & Dispensary. We give them proper guidance and distribute medicines at a minimal charge.We are proud that more than 100 people who have suffered from various illness benefited from this medical camp where we charged them a very minimal amount of Rs 30.

Sanitary pads Distribution and awareness camp

Every now and then, women hailing from slum areas either suffer from diseases or at times lose their lives due to unhygienic practices during menstruation period. Our team organized an awareness camp in Delhi & U.P to encourage women in that area to use sanitary pads and not something cheap during their menstruation. We educated them on the importance of menstrual hygiene..

Team explained the women on how can they avoid some grave diseases by practising hygiene during menstruation period. We created awareness among women and made them understand that sanitary pads are affordable and can prevent them from life-endangering diseases.